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Don't let anyone tell you who you SHOULD BE. Make your own decisions. And learn from your mistakes...

Chase your dreams like a satellite, raising fast into the night. Raise your pistol way up high, and fire that star across the sky!


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Megan Ruger Performs “Just Like A Pill” At Walworth County Fair
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The Voice - Season 6
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@MeganRugerThe only evidence of life is growth. ~Megan weeks agoReplyRetweetFavorite
@MeganRugerLife lesson of the week: ........Real life, is nothing at all like the board game "Life". Oh, how I wish it was!2 weeks agoReplyRetweetFavorite
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@MeganRugerIt used to be who you know now is it who knows you ? week agoReplyRetweetFavorite
@MeganRuger@musiciansoncall Rockn' a new shirt 4 the kids today! Singn' some sunshine songs 2 the kids at Children's Hospital! hours agoReplyRetweetFavorite
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@MeganRuger@TinRoofBroadway Showcase in Nashville this Wednesday Night ! week agoReplyRetweetFavorite
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  • Vevay, IN

    August 29 @ 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm at Swiss Wine Festival
 Megan Rüger, a country/rock artist, originally from Twin Lakes, WI.  She moved to Nashville at the age of 20, with the goal of creating a name for herself in The Music City.  She started playing on Broadway, singing covers from Patsy Cline to Guns N’ Roses to Carrie Underwood to Pat Benatar.  She quickly became a local fixture at one of the venues on Broadway for being quite the entertainer and rebel!  With the combination of her rockin’ stage antics, powerful voice, and big personality, Megan will keep you on your feet!  Her original music….. is influenced by 80’s & 90’s ROCK mixed with a bit of her COUNTRY ROOTS and some POP attitude to top it off!
 Megan was recently on Blake Shelton’s team on Season 6 of The Voice.   Since the show, she has really put the “pedal to the metal” and has performed shows all over the US!  Some of her most memorable shows this past summer were opening for country singer Justin Moore and her favorite rock band Foreigner.  She also just performed The National Anthem for The Dover International Speedway for her first time at NASCAR.  And this summer she will have opened for her idol Joan Jett!
 Megan surrounds herself with influential musicians and continuously collaborates with new and interesting people.   She completed an EP last summer with Grammy-Award Winning Producer, Paul Ebersold.  She just recently co-wrote with Jeff McCool (country-rapper from Moccassin Creek).  She is currently in the studio, recording NEW songs written by Debbie Gibson, Fred Coury (of Cinderella),  Peter Amato (Music Programmer from The Voice) that will be included on her 1st full length album.  She is also working with producers from not only Nashville but also Boston and Los Angeles as well.  Her new cd will be sure to keep you rocking and rolling!
 Megan wears many hats besides being the lead singer in a country/rock band.  She has been band leader, bus driver, babysitter, Mommy, tour manager, booking agent, production manager, sound guy, accountant, and mainly THE BOSS!!  She is one tough female, always surrounded by dudes.  She stands as a powerful and independent woman, going against the grain in Nashville as an unsigned female country/rock artist.  Outside of her rock and roll life, she plays a mean game of golf, volunteers singing at hospitals and loves to work with special needs and underpriviledged kids.  Be sure to check out her tour dates and catch one of her shows!
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