Megan Ruger embodies the consummate performer.


She quickly grabs your attention, draws you in and then keeps you captivated throughout her entire performance.  She is a seasoned professional that knows how to read a crowd.  You could say, ‘she was born to do this’, and her fans would agree with you.  

Megan began her musical journey at the age of seven performing locally in her small hometown of Twin Lakes, WI.  It didn’t take long until she found her way to the big stage opening for the likes of ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Rascal Flatts. As her desire to chase a dream deepened,  she found herself with a one-way ticket to Nashville with no intention on returning - she’s never looked back.

Her musical influences range from classic country to 80’s rock to modern pop.  She is a true “mixologist” when it comes to blending these influences into a cocktail of infectious sounds.  These infectious sounds, coupled with her alluring personality, makes for a memorable performance every time she takes the stage.  

In 2014 Season six of The Voice on NBC came calling and Megan accepted.  Since then she has rocketed to success.  Her days are filled with everything from national anthems at NASCAR events to sharing the stage with her idol, Joan Jett.  Her most recent success is her new studio album, ‘Rockstar’. 

‘Rockstar’ is a seven song EP that truly represents the artistry of Megan and fully embraces her “rock-meets-country” persona.  At the helm on this album are acclaimed producers Jamey Perrenot and Robby Wilson.  Megan co-wrote four of the seven songs and when asked what makes this album different from her past albums she replied, “This new record allowed me to express myself in my own way.  For the first time, I wasn’t told who I had to be… I got to be exactly who I am, and that’s thanks to my fans!”